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 Hello lovely friends! 

Set and stone, photography is my biggest and most important passion in my life. I am not just taking pictures, 

I am here to make you feel special and show you how beautiful you really are. When I see the

wow-reaction on my clients face, it warms up my heart. 

I want to exceed your expectation and 

truly give you the goose bumps

when you see my finished work.


Being located in N. California I enjoy the 

sunny and beautiful weather we have here but I also love to travel and explore places. Growing up in Austria, 

I gained the importance of valuing the different cultures. 

I respect the diversity and traditions each culture has, 

that is why I enjoy meeting people from all backgrounds.

We can have conversations in more than just one language.I speak fluent german and farsi. 


I am not the best at describing my feelings but I know for a fact my love and dedication for photography is something no one can take away from me. 


Photography gives me the opportuntity to truly be myself, expand my creativity and share it with

the rest of the world.


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